Hinchliffe Mill Junior & Infant School

About our school - The vision and values of our school

Our vision for all is:

Fledge and Fly High 

The definition of the statement and choice of words were selected because:

‘Fledge’ which is a term associated with birds meaning ‘to grow feathers and learn to fly’. This word we believe encompasses the vision of learning, growing, nurturing and preparing our students for adult life. All of the school’s seven values are involved and embedded in this preparation.

‘Fly High’ refers to the school having high aspirations for all learners irrespective of a child’s academic ability or interpersonal skills. We want all pupils at Hinchliffe Mill school to be the very best they can be in all aspects of their life whilst they are students at our school and into their adult life. The words flourish, prosper, thrive and inspire are our long and short term goals for all pupils.

The school values underpin the vision statement above. These are the foundations for the ethos and culture at Hinchliffe Mill School.  The values which underpin the school’s vision and mission statement are as follows:

to be honest

to communicate clearly

to have confidence

to be respectful


to embrace responsibility

to support one another

and to have resilience in all that they do!