Hinchliffe Mill Junior & Infant School


Music Leader: Mrs Marsden

The intention for Music at our school                                                                                                                               

At Hinchliffe Mill our intention is to motivate, engage and allow children to learn about music in an active focused way.  Where possible it can be cross curricular allowing the children to gain greater in knowledge in topics. 

Why is Music important to learn?

Music is an important part of a child’s development.  It improves their self-esteem, stimulates brain development and fosters a sense of achievement, especially for children who may struggle in more academic areas as it can trigger the release of feel good chemicals into our bodies. 

What Does Music at Hinchliffe Mill School look Like?

We aim to develop an exciting curriculum which enables children to develop their skills in Music. We use Kapow allowing us to access a scheme that embodies performance, listening, composing and history of music. All dimensions of music are covered; music pulse, pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and musical natation. Kapow supports our teaching of music across school.


How is Music taught across school?

Music is taught in each half terms over the year and the curriculum the music curriculum is covered over a two year cycle in our mixed age classes 

How is Music Assessed? 

At Hinchliffe Mill, formative assessment in Music occurs throughout the learning process, through dialogue and conversation. As we value the children’s creative and individual responses in the subject, we give open-ended feedback and use effective questioning techniques.  

What adjustments are made to ensure that learning is accessible to all pupils?

Planning identifies areas for support for all pupils with additional needs and differentiation is in place so that all pupils can meet the desired learning outcomes for the lesson and unit of work.

How do we promote Music?

  • Opportunity to learn and perform songs for our annual Christmas productions and end of year performances.
  • Children have the option to have individual music lessons with Kirklees Music School and have the opportunity to perform at Christmas and end of year performances.
  • Children have access to peripatetic music lessons, learning to play a range of instruments including trumpet, recorder, piano, violin, guitar and voice, in one-to-one and small group lessons.
  • Showcasing in assemblies. 


 Expressive Arts and Design - EYFS

National Curriculum - Music - Key Stage 1 & 2 

Long Term Planning Music

National Curriculum Coverage - Music 

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