Miss Stevenson's Blog 

Week Ending Friday 20.1.17

What another busy week! We started our week by investigating at a text called The Toymaker and loved thinking of a ending to the first part of the story by using drama to act this out with friends. At the end of the week we looked at story called Dear Bear and an interactive story called Something Behind the Curtain. We have explored ideas around things that scare us and why they do, thinking about how we imagine a lot! Children have written a letter to the thing that scare them using their knowledge of letters and sounds to write words.

 In mathematics, we have revisited 2D shapes and their properties, children have focused on the difference between a rectangle and square and learnt about the number of corners and sides on a pentagon, hexagon and octagon. Additionally, children have also explored symmetry patterns and collecting, organising and analysing data about their favourite fruit.

 In Forest School children have focused on using their sense of touch by playing a game where one child was blindfolded and had to guess what they were exploring with their hands. Furthermore, children enjoyed using crayons to create tree rubbings.


Week Ending 13.01.2017

 Its been quite an eventful week with the weather! Unfortunately, we were unable to go to Forest School due to the wind and its been lovely to finally have some snow. Children enjoyed cutting snowflakes and covering them with glitter on Friday to display in our classroom.

In art we have painted pictures of our favourite toys and they are displayed in the hall.

In literacy we have investigate the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. Children have explored two non-fiction texts; Gran’s Toys, My Toys and Toys. Children have learned about features of non-fiction books such as; contents page, index page, page numbers, headings, pictures and labels. They have labelled a picture of a toy box using their knowledge of letters and sounds to write words.

In maths, we have focused on counting, ordering and estimating. Children have practiced counting in twos, fives and tens and counting backwards from twenty. They have developed knowledge about the digit order in two digit numbers to twenty and skills to easily recognise these numbers. Children have also learnt how to estimate a group of objects up to twenty. They have practiced accurate counting methods such as moving objects into a line or putting crosses on written shapes, so they know which objects they have counted.


Week Ending 06.01.2017

Happy to New to you all! I hope you all have enjoyed the festive period and managed to rest before the start of a new term. Our topic for this half term in Toys, We will be looking at old and new toys, how they move and the materials they are made from. Our role play area is a Toy Shop, where children are designing toys, writing shopping lists and managing money. Our small world area is an Arctic Adventure, where children have non-fiction books about winter and polar animals to read.

In Literacy this week, we have explored the text: Old Bear. Children have thought about their favourite toy they received for Christmas and adjectives to describe it.

In Maths we have enjoyed learning how to read time on clocks focusing on O’Clock. Children have cut and stuck numbers to form a clock and really considered the order of numbers.

Please can I remind you to bring your child’s PE kit in, pay for milk money (if your child turns five in this term) via Parent Pay and ensure your children have their name clearly marked in their clothes.