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Hinchliffe Mill Junior and Infant school is a small community school surrounded by the rolling hills of the Holme Valley and based at the foot of the Pennines. We pride ourselves as being a school that is a 'family'; where building positive relationships, working well together and respecting one another is a key value. Our school provides a safe, caring and happy environment that fosters children's independence and personal potential. We aim to equip each child with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make a positive contribution to society and nurture a love for learning. 


On Friday 2 February, Hinchliffe Mill School's outdoor wild learning group met for the first time to discuss plans for the development of the outdoor space to benefit outdoor play and learning. The group members had lots of good ideas and we plan to share these with the school forum members, school staff and the school governors for some feedback. Once we have a plan in place we will schedule some work days and will welcome any help from parents, guardians or pupils. We are hoping to end up with an outdoor space that gives children lots of opportunities for explorative, imaginative and creative play and an improved educational resource for teaching staff to utilise. 

I spent a wonderful sunny Friday afternoon outside in the forest schools area with Cherry class this term. Their topic at the moment is the Stone Age and it affords brilliant opportunities for outdoor learning. The class had created some lovely charcoal cave drawings the week before and so we decided to get outdoors and try to recreate some of the vibrant colours used in actual cave paintings. Using rainwater, roots, bark, earth, leaves, charcoal and chalk the children worked in teams to collect, grind and mix the paints. They then collectively painted a fabulous woolly mammoth on the playground, the result was fabulous and we ended the week with a class of rosy cheeked, happy and proud children!  
Written by Sarah Goldsmith, parent and outdoor educator. 

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