Information required by Ofsted

There are a number of documents and pieces of information that we are told by the Department for Education we must have on the school website. It seems easiest to put them all in one place so here are those pieces of ‘must have’ information.

Throughout the website there is lots of other useful and interesting information that you might need.

  Special Educational Needs & Disability Local Offer

 Pupil Premium Statement

 2021/22 Pupil Premium Statement

 2020/21 Pupil Premium Statement (Reviewed July 2021)

 2019/20 Pupil Premium Statement (Reviewed December 2020)

 2018/19 Pupils Premium Statement (Reviewed September 2019)  

 2017/18 Pupil Premium Statement (Reviewed September 2018)

 2016/17 Pupil Premium Statement (Reviewed September 2017) 

 Sport Premium Statement

 2021/22 Sports Premium Statement

 2020/21 Sports Premium Statement (Reviewed July 2021)

 2019/20 Sports Premium Statement (Reviewed December 2020)

 2018/19 Sports Premium Statement (Reviewed September 2019)

 2017/18 Sports Premium Statement (Reviewed September 2018) 

 2016/17 Sports Premium Statement (Reviewed September 2017)


COVID Catch-Up Grant Statement

2020/21 COVID Catch-Up Grant Statement

 2019 Key Stage 2 Results

 Curriculum Statement Phonics and Reading 

We use ‘Letters and Sounds’,complemented with Jolly Phonics and LCP to introduce and teach synthetic phonics moving on to independent and guided reading to build the children’s reading confidence. Children read with adults to build up their reading confidence. The adults use skilful questioning to ensure a child’s understanding of the text, their ability to retrieve information and then later to develop the higher order skills of inference, deduction and authorial intent. From Y1 and across KS2 the children are taught comprehension skills; how to form written answers to questions based on a text they have read and how they can use the text to support their answers.

Your child will benefit from the opportunity to share their reading with you whether it be stories, poems, information books or a favourite comic. Above all, reading should be successful and have a level of difficulty which allows your child to be fluent and successful.

 Latest Ofsted Report - Short Inspection - 2019

 Ofsted Report ~ 2015