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Week 7     14.7.20  

Hello everyone...

Our final week 'together'! 

I cannot believe that we are at the point where you are all moving on either into a new year group, class or both! Time really does fly!

I really hope that you are all able to enjoy some relaxing family time together over the next few weeks; all our batteries need recharging as a result of this situation. However, should you wish to keep dipping into some learning opportunities, please look at the documents below. 

Also, one of our families has asked to have access to all the previous online planning for Reception and Year 1. I think this is a really good idea to address any gaps or to repeat for consolidation. I hope our web page can cope!

That said, I am going to 'archive' all previous plans and lessons but I will also list the websites and programs that I think are particularly pertinent to our Holly class' age range. 

I advise (obviously if you wish) to keep dipping into these sites:

Phonics Play (Reception: Phase 3-5 activities as appropriate, Year 1 phase 5 activities) Little and often to keep those phoneme/grapheme correspondences locked in!

BBC Bitesize lessons across the curriculum

Small Town Superheroes - phonics, spelling and grammar

Teach Your Monster to Read

Talk for Writing units of learning (see below) Also...

 ....please keep checking reading and spelling of the 100 high frequency words, tricky words and common exception words (in the document list below)

... and keep up with ideas for mental and practical maths as listed in the planning for maths below.

Don't forget Science Sparks - lots of fun activities with ingredients and materials you'll probably have around the house!  Here is the link to '50 Summer Science experiments' 


Remember you ALL need a rest, however, given our situation, a few minutes in and amongst will help to keep the learning fluid. 

I hope to be able to 'catch' all our home-schooled families for phone calls on Thursday morning; please email me if you would like one at a different time, possibly after school. I don't like leaving anyone out!

So, I have loved teaching my current 'Holly Berries'.  Take care of each other and I look forward to seeing you all again in a few weeks time, obviously looking very grown up as you begin school in your new year group.

Best wishes and 'virtual high 5s' to you all!


 Mrs McCormick :)

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Hello to all our New Starters! I hope you've all had a chance to listen to me telling the story of Christopher Nibble. Here are some pictures of the day he came to school. We have a lovely school building and grounds, have a look! 

 We are all looking forward to seeing you in September!

Take care, Mrs McCormick :-)

Hello from Holly Class,

Our teacher is Mrs McCormick. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Bennell and Mrs Carr.

We are a mixed reception and year one group class.

Our classroom is vibrant, warm and friendly and we aim to create a good foundation for all our future learning. We have direct access to our outdoor learning areas and playgrounds.

Reception Year 

Year 1