Holly Class 

Hello from Holly Class,

Our teacher is Mrs McCormick and Mrs Carr, Mrs Bennell and Mrs Jepson also support us in our learning.

We are a mixed year group class of Reception and Year 1 children. Our classroom is busy and fun packed and we fit a lot of learning into our day!

Please look at our slideshow below: 

Home Learning

It's a long and busy day for our youngest children in school and we know that children often reply 'I played' when parents ask their child about their school day! 

So, every week you are able to view our 'Holly Class Newsletter' on our learning platform, 'Google Classroom'. This is to help you to find out about what is happening in Holly Class during the week and also, very importantly, how you can support your child further in their learning. 

Also, the letter includes spellings for our year 1 children to learn during the week.

Good home/school communication is vital throughout a child's education, but particularly in the early, formative years. So please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries, concerns or updates that will support your child in their education. 

You are able to contact me, Mrs McCormick, at my email address:


Thank you