Hello Everyone,

We hope you have had a lovely week. All children brought home a reading book on Monday this week and have been asked to bring their reading book with them every day, so they can continue to practise their reading skills in school. Please learn the phase phonics words too.

Children have been exploring The Little Red Hen and have written an alternative ending to this story. Furthermore, we have learnt about contractions and how to break them down into more words; such as don’t – do not, couldn’t – could not.
In maths, children have been learning how to double and halve numbers up to 100 and find a quarter of a shape and number of objects.

In science children have been exploring animals including humans and explored the key needs for survival. This week we have focused on lifecycles and looking at how we change and grow throughout our lifetime. We have concentrated particularly on the lifecycle of a butterfly and frog and learnt the process of metamorphism.

In the Topic Bagdad, children have explored the city and began to look at the key inventions and building of this time period including the House of Wisdom and the elephant clock. They have also spent time looking at Islamic fashion and produced their own drawing of costumes that people would have worn during this time.

In music we are beginning to look at pulse and rhythm and creating our own simple beats using a variety of tools, including our body, to make the sounds.

During the computing lessons, which the children are really enjoying, we have been focusing on algorithms and how they are used. Using these skills, the children have been using the bee-bots to practice creating their own algorithms and debugging them when they go wrong.

Please do not hesitate to email me about anything big or small. 

King Regards

Mrs Victoria Shackleton & Miss Charlotte Hives