Hello from Beech Class,

Our teacher is Mrs Marsden and our teaching assistants are Mrs Fletcher, Miss Lee, Miss Tilburn and Miss Roberts.

We are a mixed year group class.

Our classroom is busy and fun packed. We fit a lot of learning into our day!

Updated Monday 13th July


E- Mail: victoria.shackleton@kirkleeseducation.uk

English and Maths Weekly Activities

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Lockdown Poems

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Guided Reading

We have now finished reading the books that were sent home when schools closed in March.

On the Maths and English activities timetable, there will be two comprehensions added weekly for children to complete. If you need any books to read, Oxford Owls offers a huge  range of fiction and non-fiction texts that are grouped in ages to make it easier to select a book at the right level for your child. They are offering free downloads at the moment by clicking on the link below. Sharing books or reading them to your child is also an invaluable way of helping your child to read.


Morning Maths Learning for Years 2 and 3

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Morning Maths Learning for Year 4

 Y4 Daily Maths Starters - Week commencing 29th June (2).docxDownload
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Beech Class Home Learning Grid

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Year 2

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Year 3

Year 4