Hello from Beech Class,

Our teacher is Mrs Marsden and our teaching assistants are  Mrs Fletcher, Miss Tilburn and Mrs Hosker.

We are a mixed year group class and our classroom is busy and fun packed. We fit a lot of learning into our day.

We have a great start back to the new school year in Beech Class. The children are working hard and producing some great work. 
We are studying The Ancient Egyptians and  we have been explorers, using our mapping skills to find Tutankhamun's tomb and all the treasures that were buried in there!

We have been making Egyptian paper to write our hieroglyphics on.

In Science, we have been food detectives in our forest school. We found lots of different foods and looked at the packaging to see whether they had red, yellow or green labelling.

We decided tomatoes were the healthiest with green for fats, saturated fats, sugar and salt and Kit Kats were the least healthy because all the labelling was red!





In order for you to see what your child is learning in school and to support them in that, the following work will be sent home:

  • Reading books should be brought home daily and it is your child’s responsibility to make sure they put their book in their bag at the end of the day. Books will be changed every Tuesday and Friday. Please continue to hear your child read and write a comment in their reading record book.
  • Children will bring spellings home on a Friday and these will need to be learnt for a test on the following
  • Children will bring home a piece of English and Maths work each Friday to support the work they are doing in school.
  • The English work will be a page from a grammar exercise book that children can write in. The page that needs to be completed will be written in their green homework book.
  • Maths work will can be found in the green homework book
  • These should take no more than half an hour each to complete and should be returned completed in their homework books by the following Thursday.


If you have any questions about homework or any other aspect of your child’s education please get in touch via email at: