Rowan Class



 Mrs Holgate

Class Teacher

Mrs England


 Mrs Jepson



 Have you done any previous jobs?

Yes I did summer jobs whilst I was at University, I worked in a Council Tax office.

Have you got any brothers or sisters?

Yes, one older sister who is also a teacher , she lives in Manchester with her husband and two children.

Who's your favourite author?

My favourite children's authors are Michael Morpurgo and Louis Sachar.

Do you like sports?

Yes I enjoy watching many sports including Formula 1, rugby and cricket. I used to play cricket for my University team.

Where is your favourite place you've been to?

My favourite place is Ramsden Clough, up above Yateholme Reservoir.

What's your favourite book?

Captain Corellis's Mandolin by Louis de Berniere.

Where did you work before here?

Before I came here I worked at Honley Junior School.

Why did you become an Educational Teaching Assistant?

I was a parent helper in my children's classes and it just went on from there.