Our Head Teacher


What did you do before you came to Hinchliffe Mill School? 

Prior to coming to work at Hinchliffe Mill Junior and Infant School I worked at a large junior school in North Kirklees and I was head of year to a cohort of 106 year five children. Whilst working at this school I also taught in years three and six, along with being responsible for the Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE).

When was the best time in your life? Why? 

The most amazing time in my life has to be the day I married my husband and the days that we welcomed our two beautiful children into the world. These are precious moments in my life and from these moments onwards I have two more jobs – being a wife and a Mummy!

What would you have done if you didn’t work here?

From my very first day at school, when I was four years old I came home wanting to be a teacher just like Mrs Beaumont – my first primary school teacher who I looked up to. Therefore, from that moment on I wanted to be a teacher. Then when I became a teacher I decided I would like to be a Headteacher. My advice is “Dream until your dreams come true, then dream a little more!

If I hadn’t have become a teacher then I possibly would have studied to be a podiatrist; someone who treats and looks after peoples feet. This is because as a teenager I suffered from ingrowing toe nails – urgh! Therefore I spent a lot of time having treatment to make my toes better and was always incredibly grateful when they were!

What do you enjoy the most? And why?

Oh where to begin……… I enjoy my work and being the Headteacher at Hinchliffe Mill school as I now get to teach across the whole school so instead of having 28 children in my class I have 112!

Out of school I love spending time with my family, going off on day trips, spending time at home and going on holiday.

Mrs Townsend, Head Teacher