Beech Class


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 Class Teacher ETA  ETA   ETA

What previous jobs have you had? Did you enjoy them?

I had lots of jobs before becoming a teacher, although none of them were as good. My worst job was being a filing clerk because my feet ached so much at the end of the day.

Who is your favourite singer/band? Why?

I love Queen. They're an old band but their songs are all different; loads are fun and some are sad. Most of them make me smile!

What is your favourite hobby? What was it when you were a kid?

When I was younger I loved reading. I could spend hours getting lost in a book. Now, when I have some free time, I really enjoy making things. Anything crafty is fun for me!


Have you got any pets? What are they called?

Sometimes I get to take my brother’s dog Lola for a walk, she’s gorgeous! When I was a little girl I had lots of pets; a dog called Oisin, two cats Dinsdale and Susie, a ferret called Brian, lots of rabbits(my favourite was Big Louie) and lastly we had a Magpie my Dad rescued called Maggie P!

Have you got any brothers or sisters? What are they called?

My brother is called Paul and my sister is called Lorna. We are very close and all still live very near to our Mum and Dad. We still meet up once a week to have tea together.

What was your best holiday ever?

I am very lucky to have been on lots of lovely holidays. My favourite place to go on holiday is Italy and I’ve visited many places there including the capital city, Rome. My best holiday ever was to Vero Beach, Florida, USA because Mr Hosker and I got married on the sands!


What’s your favourite animal?

Hares are my favourite animals and I can see them playing together or sitting peacefully in the fields close to my house. I love their stillness and confidence and watching them makes me very happy.

Have you done any previous jobs?

I had lots of different jobs before I started working in schools. Many were in libraries including one that was in a hospital. My strangest job was working in a forest, where I had to count the trees!

Who’s your favourite author?

I don’t really have one favourite author because I like to read lots of different types of books. However, if I want a laugh, Harry Hill is a good choice!

 What is the best holiday you've ever been on?

The best holiday I've ever been on was to Rhodes in Greece. This was the first time we'd all been away together. There was a big water park at the hotel too!

What did you do before you worked at Hinchliffe Mill?

I worked in a care home looking after the elderly. It was a very rewarding job and I got to meet some amazing people who had wonderful stories to tell of days gone by.

What is your favourite thing to do out of school?

My favourite thing to do is to spend time with my family. We love going for long walks or snuggling up on cold nights watching movies.